Guitar Class


Welcome to the Guitar Class of Euphonyschoool, here we have some teaching techniques where the student could learn to play guitar in a very short period, however it is very much confide in one’s pace. In this course our faculties and the team have designed all the techniques and tools in many forms where it helps the students to understand easily and to gain the knowledge faster. We believe in good environment learning where the teacher and the student enjoys the same platform to make you count that you’re are doing something really great job in your life by joining guitar class and walk away feeling like you learned something. No matter where you are starting. Anyone can learn and anyone can get their skills up to a professional level.


A few objective of this course are (both practical & theory)

  • Staff notations
  • Basic notes
  • Chords
  • Practice tips
  • Time signature
  • Guitar Chops
  • Progressions
  • Ear training
  • Reading music


Class Days

Euphonyschool provide the Guitar Class for one day in a week.

  • Contact us for more details