Drum Class

Welcome to Drum Class, a dedicated drum class aimed at creating a versatile drummer powered by Euphonyschool.

The learning of these course starts from the very basic lessons followed by intermediate, advance to the pro lessons. However, the basic lessons would be similar to all the drummers who would further like to be continued with their chosen genres such as Pop, Rock, Metal and many more. We understand and came through out many drummers as well as their playing style, so we respect any student pursuing their own way of playing after the completion of basic lessons and with will guided accordingly.

A few objective of this course are (both practical & theory)

  • Staff notations
  • Basic notes
  • Basic Rudiments
  • Basic beat and fills
  • Time signature
  • Drum covers
  • And many other lessons according the students grades


Class Day

Euphonyschool provide the Drum Class for one day in a week.

  • Contact us for more details