Euphonyschool Overview

Affiliated by the Trinity College of London, Euphonyschool is the perfect place to learn Guitar, Piano, Vocal, Drums, and Violin courses with some unique concept of teaching music from our highly experienced and dedicated faculty.

From the company of comes a surprise into Guwahati, Assam. This time we have decided not just to facilitate the people of the North East region with quality instruments but also school in musical education.

This is going to be the garden of eden for all the learners where they will experience the best of quality education, sound and instruments from the best of brands.

Euphonycart shares the same view with the world and therefore this time we have decided to serve the people with better service. We have been trading in musical instruments since 2016. But this time Euphonycart has decided to inaugurate “EUPHONYSCHOOL” to train the forthcoming generation about the concept of music with our highly efficient faculty.
The entire faculty of EUPHONYSCHOOL are handpicked and the best ones from their respective backgrounds. The aim of EuphonySchool will be not to just provide good training but also excel each and every student theoretically and philosophically. This is to make every student feel special and show them the way to building careers in music and make the country proud.


In today’s time, also known as the media age, people can know all about the world just by sitting in their homes. People have learnt innumerous things just through the visual media. But not everyone excels in everything they try. Music is one such field where thousands of people want to know about what it is or how it is created. Even bigger confusions are carried by a lot of people who might have the potential of becoming good musician but due to lack of resources or trainers they gradually fade away from such interests. But no more! The primary goal of EUPHONYSCHOOL is to bridge such gaps between confusion and true knowledge.

How we work